I recently had a wickedly fun experience at Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort. It truly was a magical night with ghoulish decorations, characters dressed in Halloween best, a spooky fireworks show, and a fun parade. I had been waiting for this day for months and the night did not disappoint.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a special ticketed event at Disneyland on select nights during Halloweentime where attendees may dress up in costume to the park, trick or treat, and experience exclusive events only available at the party (like a villian themed parade and firework show). Any major Disney fan must experience this event! I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up and trick or treat at Disneyland?

Since costumes are banned for anyone over the age of 14 any time of the year, this is the one event where adults can dress up so I had to go all out on my costume. I knew my costume had to be Disney themed, something unique, and easy to do. So I chose to dress up as Snow White in her peasant dress at the beginning of the film. After visiting local thrift shops, I found my pieces and put them together to create her outfit. I went with my sister and naturally, she was the evil queen to complement my Snow White outfit.

Let me know in the comments below what your plans for Halloween are.




Today I turn twenty five. I used to think that I would have my life all figured out by this age, but I don’t. The idea of a quarter life crisis is very real and is an issue that I know I have struggled with for the past year and a half.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Estée Lalonde, made a video about her experience with her “quarter life crisis” (watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4CP2YAfOn0) and I found myself nodding my head in agreement at everything she said. There’s a lot of pressure to set and accomplish goals around this age. I feel as though I am expected to have my life together just because I am older; but in reality, I’m in a constante debate around two questions: what do I want to be doing with my life and how exactly do I get there?

While I may not know the answers to these questions, being this age has been a lively experience. I feel more aware of who I am, what my interests are, what inspires me, and it has allowed me to do and try new things that I enjoy (like letting someone plan my birthday weekend instead of taking the reins). I am learning how to live the life I want through life experiences & exposures, taking advantage of opportunities that come my way, and learning from missteps that I take.

I may not have the life I envisioned for myself as a teenager and it may take sometime before it’s accomplished. But major life experiences have taught me that age is just a number. Everything will be okay.

TOP: alternative    SKIRT: Zara (similar)     SCARF: WhoWhatWear (alternative)                  Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar)    BAG: Vintage    EARRINGS: alternative



SHOESTHATFITSHOESTHATFITIMG_2405Some people love shoe shopping, I don’t. When you have a petite size like me, I wear a shoe size 5 US 35 EURO, finding shoes that fit comfortably, are in the latest fashion, and are affordable can be difficult. I stick to shoe brands that I know fit me well, will last, and are in my budget. Finding shoes that I like in my size is a real struggle.

Shoes are my second favorite accessory to an outfit. I get excited for different shoe styles every season (especially boots in the fall). I wish I had a variety of shoes, but I’m limited to select styles because most brands start their sizing at 5.5 or 6 and they come in hideous prints, colors, and styles. I can get away with a 5.5 in some boot styles or heels but never flat shoes. If I am lucky, I will find some basic flats in my size but I can never find shoes in [current] styles that match my taste. Many fashion brands that carry a size 5 won’t be true to size either. The ones that do carry a true fit are often over my budget. Many times, I’m not able to try on shoes in store because they have a limited stock. That always leaves me to gamble with my fit if I decide to order them in-store or online. Shoes for me must be comfortable and sturdy as I rely on them to get me through hours of walking or standing at work and at play. Because of this reason, my shoe collection isn’t large and I repeat old favorites over and over again. (I’m sorry if you become sick with seeing the same shoes in every outfit post!)

I recently did some online shopping and odered some flats in my size and in brands that I am familiar with. I ordered my usual size 5 and to my surprise, they were too snug. I thought it would be a safe purchase since I own similar pairs, but I’m disappointed. I went to my local Nordstrom to try on the next size up and they fit more comfortably than the size 5. So am I a size 5.5 now or has the company changed their sizing? I will never know and my sizing will change from brand to brand. Satisfied from the new fit, I replaced them with two new pairs.

Shoe shopping will always be an adventure for me. I’ll forever continue to go from store to store, shoe to shoe, in hopes of finding one that will be comfortable and to my taste. I joke around and say that I should invest my time in designing shoes that specializes in petitie sizes. I know that I’m not the only one with this problem. So if you have any recommendations for cute and comfortable shoes in petite sizes, write them below. I’d love to check them out!


DSC09385OUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDERDSC09467OUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROutlander is one of my favorite book and television series. My love for the series began at the Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, Scotland, a few days before taking my final exams of my undergraduate career. I finished the entire book series in less than a year, finished season one, and waited patiently for season two to premier earlier this year.

This season, the series leaves the green glens of Scotland for 18th century Paris. The main characters find themselves rubbing shoulders with aristrocracy at French court. As you can imagine, the costumes are incredibly beautiful, colorful, and perfectly detailed. When I heard that the The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills were hosting select costumes of season two for The Artistry of Outlander exhibit, I knew I had to go.

So much attention to detail and artistry is put into each costume, that it’s even more spectacular to see in person. The work is extravagent and over the top, but perfectly done. I have a few favorite costumes from the show (like this one HERE). But one of my favorite pieces happens to be the dress from photograph four because of its simplicity (it can easily be remade to fit modern fashion!) and has all of the elements that I love and would wear in an outfit today [like bell sleeves, lace, metallic trim, florals].

I wish I owned a beautifuly detailed gown or had an occasion to wear one. Until then, I will roam the streets in bell sleeves, lace, chokers, and embroidery, pretending to be an 18th century Parisian artistocrat.

To read more about the work behind the costumes, head on over to: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/a15048/terry-dresbach-outlander-season-2-costumes/

Blouse: Zara   Pant: WhoWhatWearXTarget  Shoes: similar  Bag: similar



When I think of gingham I think of summer, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, picnics, and country living. Of all the things listed, I associate gingham with picnics the most. Therefore, this pant has become known as my picnic pant. 

Gingham comes in a variety of checkered colors but this pale blue has always been my favorite. So imagine my excitement when I found this pant at Old Navy! The color is perfect and the fabric is soft and light (a perfect alternative to denim in the warmer months).

Sure, I call them my picnic pant but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can only wear them to picnics. It’s a double duty pant. Gingham is a celebrated print that can easily be worn whenever and wherever you’d like. Wear it with an off the shoulder crop and trainers to the beach or wear it with a lace blouse and heels to the office. It’s a summer staple that you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

TOP: Zara  PANT: Old Navy (alternative)  SHOES: Chinese Laundry (similar)  BAG: Francesca’s Collection EARRINGS: alternative



Even with gloomy weather hoovering over Los Angeles, (the photographs don’t show it, but I promise the day started off gray) I find myself wearing summer inspired clothes. I secretly want it to get warmer so that I can wear more off the shoulder tops; like this flirty floral print one from Anthropologie.

Off the shoulder tops are the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, so it’s no wonder they’re everywhere this season. This blouse in particular caught my eye. I don’t normally gravitate toward tropical prints or beach-vibe styles since I’m not a hot weather, beach vacation type of person (says the girl born and raised in SoCal). But the beautiful blues in this blouse help soften the tropical look. It’s a subtle take on the tropical print that can be worn to many events without it being too in-your-face.

I love how playful and flirty this blouse is. The beautiful blue florals in this top make it a eye catching statement piece & the ruffle detailing adds a romantic touch to an otherwise basic over the shoulder top. I played with this idea in the dainty touches in my jewelry and choice of bag.  What I also love about this blouse is that it can be worn over the shoulder and worn resting on the shoulder. A versatile look for a versatile woman.

Many people have complimented on the beauty of this blouse. It truly is beautiful and something I’ll be pulling out of my closet again and agagin this coming summer.

BLOUSE: Anthropologie  PANT: WhoWhatWearXTarget  SHOES: Marc Fisher (alternative) EARRINGS: Francesca’s Collection  (alternative) BRACELET: similar BAG: Francesca’s Collection