My boyfriend and I finally had a free weekend together, so we spent the day exploring Old Town San Diego before heading over to the Art Institute at Balboa Park in the evening. You could say it was our Valentine’s Day celebration.

Old Town is touristy and gimmicky, but you can’t help and enjoy its charm. We spent the majority of the visit walking along the main town strip where you can find shops, restaurants and historic museums. If you’re heading to San Diego make a stop at this historic town before heading into the main town. The train runs right next to the town as well, a good road trip don’t you think?

We had an early dinner & chose one of the many Mexican restaurants in Old Town. Not to our surprise, the food was lacked authenticity. Maybe we chose the wrong restaurant, but we had high expectations for authenticity being in a city so close to the border.

We drove on over to Balboa Park in the evening for an art gallery opening featuring a group of our friends. We didn’t spend enough time wandering through the park. We’re coming back next month for another art opening, that will be featuring my boyfriend, and on this trip, we plan to cover the grounds with enough time.

JACKET: Urban Outfitters  TOP: Zara (alternative)  Skirt: Old Navy   BOOTS: Sam Edelman


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