From the welcoming and joyous decorations on Main Street, to the seasonal foods available at the park, Disneyland is the perfect place to spend the holiday season. If you haven’t been to Disneyland during this time, then I suggest you do!

TOP: J.Crew (similar)  SKIRT: similar  SCARF: alternative

I took advantage of the beautiful holiday decor around the park to stage my own holiday photoshoot (that included my sister too!). There are many places in the park to take fantastic photos that will compliment your theme or your outfit. I chose to take my photos against the infamous Blue & White Wall just outside of It’s A Small World in Fantasy Land and at ToonTown.

These locations have some of the most playful backdrops. Everything in ToonTown is exaggerated and cartoon-like (hence the name, ToonTown) which will brighten your photos and will even make you appear like a character. At the town’s square, there is a small gazebo platform that is a perfect spot for photos. And the colorful garland adds an extra festive touch too!

Over by It’s A Small World, the Blue & White Wall will fulfill your fantasy. This is one of my favorite backdrops. It’s a bit of fantasy, a bit retro, and lots of fun. The blue and white backdrop perfectly showcases your look and makes it pop on camera. As you can see, the simple backdrop complimented the patterns in my outfit.

Whether your dress is holiday inspired or just another day-in-the-park look, there are many areas around the park to add a sparkle to your photos during the holidays.


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