SHOESTHATFITSHOESTHATFITIMG_2405Some people love shoe shopping, I don’t. When you have a petite size like me, I wear a shoe size 5 US 35 EURO, finding shoes that fit comfortably, are in the latest fashion, and are affordable can be difficult. I stick to shoe brands that I know fit me well, will last, and are in my budget. Finding shoes that I like in my size is a real struggle.

Shoes are my second favorite accessory to an outfit. I get excited for different shoe styles every season (especially boots in the fall). I wish I had a variety of shoes, but I’m limited to select styles because most brands start their sizing at 5.5 or 6 and they come in hideous prints, colors, and styles. I can get away with a 5.5 in some boot styles or heels but never flat shoes. If I am lucky, I will find some basic flats in my size but I can never find shoes in [current] styles that match my taste. Many fashion brands that carry a size 5 won’t be true to size either. The ones that do carry a true fit are often over my budget. Many times, I’m not able to try on shoes in store because they have a limited stock. That always leaves me to gamble with my fit if I decide to order them in-store or online. Shoes for me must be comfortable and sturdy as I rely on them to get me through hours of walking or standing at work and at play. Because of this reason, my shoe collection isn’t large and I repeat old favorites over and over again. (I’m sorry if you become sick with seeing the same shoes in every outfit post!)

I recently did some online shopping and odered some flats in my size and in brands that I am familiar with. I ordered my usual size 5 and to my surprise, they were too snug. I thought it would be a safe purchase since I own similar pairs, but I’m disappointed. I went to my local Nordstrom to try on the next size up and they fit more comfortably than the size 5. So am I a size 5.5 now or has the company changed their sizing? I will never know and my sizing will change from brand to brand. Satisfied from the new fit, I replaced them with two new pairs.

Shoe shopping will always be an adventure for me. I’ll forever continue to go from store to store, shoe to shoe, in hopes of finding one that will be comfortable and to my taste. I joke around and say that I should invest my time in designing shoes that specializes in petitie sizes. I know that I’m not the only one with this problem. So if you have any recommendations for cute and comfortable shoes in petite sizes, write them below. I’d love to check them out!


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