Outlander is one of my favorite book and television series. My love for the series began at the Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, Scotland, a few days before taking the final exams of my undergraduate career. I finished the entire book series in less than a year, finished season one, and waited patiently for season two to premiere earlier this year.
DSC09385OUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDERDSC09467OUTLANDEROUTLANDEROUTLANDERThis season, the series leaves the green glens of Scotland for 18th century Paris. The main characters find themselves rubbing shoulders with aristocracy at the French court. As you can imagine, the costumes are incredibly beautiful, colorful, and perfectly detailed. When I heard that The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills were hosting select costumes of season two for The Artistry of Outlander exhibit, I knew I had to go.

So much attention to detail and artistry is put into each costume, that it’s even more spectacular to see in person. The work is extravagant and over the top, but perfectly done. I have a few favorite costumes from the show (like this one HERE). But one of my favorite pieces happens to be the dress from photograph four because of its simplicity (it can easily be remade to fit modern fashion!) and has all of the elements that I love and would wear in an outfit today [like bell sleeves, lace, metallic trim, florals].

I wish I owned a beautifully detailed gown or had an occasion to wear one. Until then, I will roam the streets in bell sleeves, lace, chokers, and embroidery, pretending to be an 18th-century Parisian aristocrat.

To read more about the work behind the costumes, head on over to http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/a15048/terry-dresbach-outlander-season-2-costumes/

Blouse: Zara   Pant: WhoWhatWearXTarget  Shoes: similar  Bag: similar


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