When I think of gingham I think of summer, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, picnics, and country living. Of all the things listed, I associate gingham with picnics the most. Therefore, this pant has become known as my picnic pant. 
Gingham comes in a variety of checkered colors but this pale blue has always been my favorite. So imagine my excitement when I found this pant at Old Navy! The color is perfect and the fabric is soft and light (a perfect alternative to denim in the warmer months).

Sure, I call them my picnic pant but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can only wear them to picnics. It’s a double duty pant. Gingham is a celebrated print that can easily be worn whenever and wherever you’d like. Wear it with an off the shoulder crop and trainers to the beach or wear it with a lace blouse and heels to the office. It’s a summer staple that you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

TOP: Zara  PANT: Old Navy (alternative)  SHOES: Chinese Laundry (similar)  BAG: Francesca’s Collection EARRINGS: alternative


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