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SAILORTROUSERSSAILORTROUSERSSAILORTROUSERSSAILORTROUSERSSAILORTROUSERSSAILORTROUSERSI’m not suggesting you should ditch your beloved denim forever. But trading your jeans for trousers in a fun color, print, fabric or silhouette can break you out of a style rut. As I’ve gotten older and as my style has evolved, I swap my jeans for trousers and skirts. I find them to be interchangeable with many items in my closet. And yes, you can wear them without looking like you’re going to the office.

I picked up this wide leg trouser from Zara during their sale earlier this year, and it’s one of my favorites. I wasn’t sure whether to purchase the pant when I first tried it on but I’m glad I did. I call it my “sailor pant” for its mid-rise and wide flare. In fact, depending what I wear with it, I can look like a sailor. (I’m talking to you striped top!)

When I bought this floral scarf from the WhoWhatWear collection at Target, I knew I had to pair it with my trousers. Going out to dinner gave me the opportunity to finally do so. I chose a simple look to center around the scarf. Something was missing to my outfit so I threw on my beloved vest from Anthropologie. I just love the pop of color from the scarf on this simple outfit- it’s an eye catcher.

I’ve worn this pair on many occasions, dressing them up and down. I reach for them more than I do my jeans. Next time you’re shopping for new bottoms, try on a pair or two. You’d be surprised at how fun, comfortable and versatile they are!

                  Top: Target    Scarf: WhoWhatWear (alternative)   Pant: Zara (alternative)                                          Vest: Elevenses-Anthropologie     Heels: All Black (alternative)                                                 Bag: Francesca’s (other colors available)    Bracelet: Charming Charlie



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