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My attraction to sequins is partially due to its shininess and the feeling of it as I glide my fingers on it. I’ve always been afraid of purchasing anything with a lot of sequin thinking that I won’t be able to steer it away from the ‘holiday’ look. Even though I’ve seen many bloggers wear sequin without it being specific to formal events or the holiday season, I had my doubts.

I purchased this sequin jacket this past holiday season as a way to divert from the every day neutral color cardigan. In store, the jacket looked slightly bronze. When I tried it on at home, I was surprised to see that it was in fact silver. (Must be the store lighting.) I bought it with the intent to use it as a piece that can be a staple in my closet. And a piece that can give my outfit more spunk. And that it has been.

I get good use out of this jacket. It’s cute, comfortable, and surprisingly versatile. I’ve worn the jacket with formal pieces and I use it as a statement piece to dress up an outfit that would other wise be a casual look. And I have recieved many good compliments too! I don’t think I’ll be retiring this jacket any time soon.

Cardigan: Aeropostale         Pant: WhoWhatWearXTarget         Top: Francesca’s                       Scarf: WhoWhatWearXTarget           Boots: Sam Edelman



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