Personal Style



I’ve always had a soft spot for tartan. Especially now more than ever. It takes me back to the days when I lived in Scotland for a university term. Tartan is a classic print that anyone at any age can pull off. You can never go wrong with tartan print.

I decided to incorporate two different tartan prints into my outfit. On top I used a tartan with a black, red and white pattern. On the bottom, I went with dark colors of moss green, dark blue, and black to blend with my black top. I usually only wear tartan scarves so this combination was playful for me.

Camel coats can make any look appear expensive. Camel coats are classic pieces to have but have been particularly trendy the past few years. This lightweight knit soft-camel coat that I purchased abroad isn’t a camel coat per se, but it has done its job as one. It keeps me warm and isn’t too heay for LA winters, it’s in the color scheme, and it goes with almost anything I own. I like to wear it over my shoulders for a dramatic cape look.

Let’s talk pearl earrings shall we? I like to wear pearls, especially on my ears. When Dior came out with their Dior Tribale earrings, I instantly fell in love with them. Truth is, I can’t afford them. So imagine how estatic I was when my sister was gifted a pair for the Christmas holiday! I snatched them right away and they have been glued to my ear ever since.

                         Skirt: Zara (alternative)   Top: Mom’s  Coat: Primark  (alternative)                                         Scarf: London Fog   Shoes: Sam Edelman   Earrings: Gift


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